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my new DL callsign: DC1EHG

This website is updated: 08 juli 2024



Stop Russian war against Ukraine

Russian residents rise up against Putin


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My favourite operation for Ham radio is weak signal communication

In quality mode I have heard way too many non quality conversations

360 degrees image off my shack


WX at my home: in JO32sq  

Actual      Cloud's                  Rain/Dry                

En ook in 2022, en in 2023, zijn ze opnieuw blijven zitten,
de leden van het VERON Hoofdbestuur
Bent u ook zo benieuwd wat er gebeurd in 2024 !!

ik blijf zitten

Wat is er gebeurd met de visie van 2016 ??, die visie staat, bijna 10 jaar later, nog steeds op de Veron website:
De VERON moet vernieuwen, verbinden, verbreden en verjongen om
in een snel veranderende maatschappij
haar leden te kunnen blijven faciliteren en inspireren
De enige die niet snel verandert is het Veron Hoofdbestuur
Bent u ook zo benieuwd wanneer het uitvoerend beleid in overeenstemming komt met de visie

Een VERON VR 2022 met "0"voorstellen vanuit de afdelingen !!!!
de vereniging is op sterven na dood, of is al dood

Dat ik geweigerd ben als lid van de "zendamateurvereniging Veron"
zegt meer over Veron als vereniging dan over mij als zendamateur !!

life :field strenght of the 80 Mtr signal PA0RYL as received by DL/PA0EHG

Klik linksonder voor audio, rechtsonder voor full-screen. linksboven: Perseus spectrum display, linksonder: Dopplergram, rechtsboven en -onder: signaal en ruisniveau’s over de tijd (in UTC) op beide locaties.

For a Youtube video click on the picture

Impression Heelweg 2024







    The moon - mysterious companion of our earth

Michael DB6NT and I made the First ever QSO's between PA and DL on
122, 134 and 241 GHz
and the First ever QSO's within  PA0 on 134 and 241 GHz


Receiving 2021 X-Mas transmission SAQ on 17,2 kHz


After upgrade of my versatower I mounted my 23 cm 70 element antenna, to try how my QTH is on the higher bands

first results are on my activity page









download my presentations:
- 48 years amateur
- Experimenting on EHF
- 3 years propagation measurements
- 80 Mtr propagation measurements
- Noise in receivers
Perseus receiver:
- My Modification GPSDO
- Repair of power supply


47 GHz EME pages PA0EHG:
- My feed for F/D=0,4
- measuring on 47 GHz
- Image rejection effects
- LNA cooling with Peltier
- What's different on 47 GHz EME

Propagation measurements NVIS 80 mtr beacon PA0RYL





Last update:

My activity during the July contest on 23 cm

Updated 24 GHz performance table with new station DL3WDG

Added publication PA0EHG on mmWAve bands status 2001

Added LZ4OC to 24 GHz Performance table, new station, congratulations

My activity during the NAC March 2024

My experience with the DXPATROL feed for QO-100

Updated 6 cm EME performance table new station UR3VKE

Added 76 GHz performance table

Some information on my Alford loop HF antenna

You can listen to my Kiwi receiver

Toys for Boys; the Tiny spectrum analyzer

I made a GPS splitter and HF receive splitter 

I repaired a HP8672a synthesizer from a fellow Ham

listening to 144 MHz beacons and Aircraft scatter

Added info moonbeacon DL0SHF on 24 GHz

10 GHz polarisation for EME

"What's different on 10 GHz EME"
"What's different on 24 GHz EME"

"What's different on 47 GHz EME"


Using VK3UM calculator and practical results
to improve calculated results on 47 GHz 

Optimizing the feed in the antenna focus on mmwave

repair of a HP8970b noise figure meter with error 18

Receiving the Alphasat beacon on 39.4 GHz

Opened a YIG from my repaired HP Spectrum analyzer

information about the modification of the 250 W 70 cm PA

Will the new Icom-9700 be a game changer for 23 cm ?

My projects:
try to use a VSAT terminal for EME
47 GHz new system
A 70 cm 250 Watt Power Amplifier
Cloudwatcher and Rainwatcher
A Radio Direction Finder
Antenna mast for my remote system
Antenna mast at my home QTH
Using Ham material for building my fountain


Repair Measuring equipment:
Hameg portable Spectrum analyzer HM5033
HP8566b Spectrum analyzer
HP8672A synthesized Signal generator controlling error
Anritsu MT8212B Cell Master
HP8970A Noise Gain analyzer
HP8970B Noise Gain analyzer Error 18
HP8762A Synthesizer with no Output and Phase Lock error


DKARS Weak Signal days

derde DKARS VHF-UHF-SHF Weak Signal dag van 13 October 2018
the report from the second VHF-UHF-SHF Weak Signal Day (in Dutch)

Aircraft Scatter My Activity Troposcatter EME


- Receiving DL0SHF
- experiment receiving Dl0SHF
 - DL0SHF beacon info
- Low cost receiver DL0SHF

Microwave/ MM-wave My Projects Information


Weak Signal Publications my 23 cm remote station PathProfile from G0MJW



about PA0EHG History beacons PI7EHG Red Pitaya SDR Other websites


 now on 23 cm

 now on 3 cm 


aircraft scatter prediction, Get latest info at:

Interested in using the SM7LCB maps and a radar picture, bit more complicated than Airscout but works fine

 added the SM7LCB maps on my website because these are not working on the SK3SE site anymore.

 listen to the big signal from OK1KUO on 23 cm Aircraft scatter, 849 km also good signal in SSB

 Added a simulation off my 24 GHz omni antenna

 Read my page on the first ever 24 GHz two way contact between PA and G

 This is how and why I use Spectravue

 My experience with the I0JXX 25 el 70 cm antenna

 Do's and Dont's for very weak signal communication

Small Dish EME listening to DL0SHF

listening to DL0SHF EME beacon on 10 GHz
using 50 cm dish

a  low cost RX system for DL0SHF


Me and my small system in front of PB-8 the 13 mtr dish used on 5760 MHz EME



I have equipment for all microwave bands up to 76 GHz but due to the many projects at this moment only active on 23 cm tropo and EME.

My 2.5 mtr dish for tropo

My station:
2.5 mtr dish at 10 meter over ground
250 W output

Take a look what I worked on my
My activity page


A new antenna system for the
2 mtr remote station
from PA3BIY

2 times YU7EF 12 elements yagi
at 12 mtr over ground

During Perseids 2011 Peter and I made
 in total almost 90 MS QSO's

We were QRV during the IARU September contest 2015. In total we worked 366 qso's

This is what we worked


23 cm
Aircraft scatter
during QSO with
686 km

listen to recording
from a qso

My signal at SP1JNY

SP1JNY at my place

23 cm
Aircraft scatter
during QSO with GM4CXM
729 km

 listen to the big signal from OK1KUO on 23 cm Aircraft scatter, 849 km also good signal in SSB


Read my story on this very interesting propagation




5.760 GHz EME

3 mtr dish

Auto tracking

On 15 August 2009 I made my first 5760 MHz EME QSO

10.368 GHz EME

On 15 September 2001 I made my first 10368 MHz EME QSO with W6HD

24.048 GHz EME

On 6 April 2008 I made my first 24 GHz EME QSOs

Worked OK1KIR 9-6-2011 on 24 GHz EME
for the first PA-OK and #6 on 24 GHz

Worked on EME              

5.760 GHz

10.368 GHz

24.048 GHz

19 initial contacts
30 QSO's


Audio recordings from: OE9ERC                                          OK1KIR

20 initial contacts
37 QSO's
4 SSB random contacts

Audio recordings from:  IQ4DF SSB
                                     DL0EF SSB

6 initial contacts
7 QSO's


Audio recordings from: W5LUA


The story of my first 24 GHz EME QSO as published in Electron (in Dutch language)

The first 24 GHz EME QSO by W5LUA and VE4MA


Information on how I am using the IN3HER antenna control  



EME  Updated 19-3-2002 with new EME links  
My EME station Updated 8-3-2002
RX optimalisation   Updated 19-3-2002 with latest measurements and new link on moon noise
What's different on 10 GHz EME   Updated 19-3-2002
EME Operation procedures 28-12-2000
EME Operations by G3SEK  29-12-2000
24 GHz EME between W5LUA and VE4MA Updated 19-3-2002 added a link with photo's from W5LUA and VE4MA


EME performance table's

6 cm eme stations performance and photo's

 9 cm eme stations performance table

10 GHz EME stations performance

24 GHz EME stations performance and photo's
47 GHz EME stations performance
76 GHz EME stations performance

DJ3JJ performance tables 2 mtr 70 cm and 23 cm

Sun/Moon noise table as published at OK2KKW

Interesting article from DJ9BV and F6HYE on EME performance as published in Dubus 1992


Ehgc2.JPG (32832 bytes)





Solar X-rays:  

Geomagnetic Field:  





   More info about this Solar Activity Monitor


General information



On 26 feb 2012 I measured solar noise on my 23 cm tropo station

OCXO experiments  11-2-2004

Waveguide propagation by F6DRO

My First ever QSO's 18-9-2001
RF tools: interesting RF calculators
parabolic dish calculations:
Calculate the shape of your dish

Calculate the antenna beam width of your dish
Waveguide sizes for Microwave amateur radio  9-11-2002 


Microwave DX-pedition ; QSO between F and G on 47 GHz.



24 GHz projects

12 Watt on 24 GHz          Feedback from G4FRE 29-12-2000
24 GHz humidity loss
My 24 GHz EME feed
combi feeder 10/24 GHz
24 GHz Omni antenna
some audio samples 10-6-2001 added first PA on 76 GHz


My Other Hobby, Flying 


  My VFR flight to Greece
  My VFR flight to Spain/Portugal 


My VFR flight to Croatia and Bosnia


My VFR flight to Bulgaria in 2007  


E-mail address from PA0EHG :

all pages from this website are copyright PA0EHG
Nothing from this page may be used for any Dutch magazine for publication without my written approval






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