DX pedition F-G on 47 GHz


Microwave DX-pedition ENGLAND TO FRANCE ON 47GHz

What is believed to be the first 47GHz contact between the UK and an overseas country took place on Friday, 25 June 1999, when G3PYB/P and G8ACE/P (the UK 47GHz record holders) worked Hans, F/PA0EHG who was located across the English Channel at Cap Blanc Nez, some 34km from the two G stations who were just a few hundred metres from Dover Castle in Kent. Between the two locations a line off sight existed and with binoculars the other location was vissible.
The contacts took place around lunchtime (G3PYB/P at 12.12GMT and G8ACE/P at 12.20GMT.
Signals were exceedingly strong both ways, and F/PA0EHG was able to copy G8ACE/P;s 150 microwatts SSB on just a feedhorn.

Hans transmitted CW though SSB would have been easily read.

Equipment at the UK end is believed to be a 15mW tx/rx (G3PYB/P) and a barefoot DB6NT 47GHz mixer (G8ACE/P). No
details of the antennas are available as yet.

Equipment at the French end is a 12 mW TX and a DB6NT mark2 RX. Antenna was a 24 cm dish.

This contact is believed to be a G-F 47GHz first and most likely a first overseas contact on the band from the UK.

f_pa0ehg.jpg (189260 bytes)

Listen to the signals from G3PYB and G8ACE

G8ACE; contact between G and F on 47 GHz  (9 kB)
G3PYB; contact between G and F on 47 GHz  (20 kB)

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This QSO should be the first of some test's accross the
to the continent.

Aiming at the first QSO between
G and PA on 47 GHz.


dunkery47.jpg (35934 bytes) G3PYB and G8ACE with their equipment