First ever QSO between DL and PA on MMwave bands

On 28-7-2022 Michael DB6NT and PA0EHG made several first ever contacts on the MMwave bands

From the Eemshaven in the Netherlands to Pilsumer Tower close to Emden over a distance of 16 km we made the following contacts

We started at 12.44 LT on 76 GHz to allign the antenna's This was not a first contact

At 12.54LT we made the first ever QSO on 122 GHz in CW

At 13.02 LT we made the first ever QSO on 134 GHz in CW

At 13.13 LT we made the first ever QSO on 241 GHz in CW




Exchanged reports on all band both ways 599, signals were extreme loud using the high power CW transmitters.
We also tried SSB on 241 GHz but this was a few dB to weak, we could hear the signal but too weak for good copy.

After the QSO's we tried a green light in the dish at Eemshaven

Looking through the telescope

Zoomed in at the telescope picture


I also was able to find the Pilsumer tower using my Photo camera with a 2000mm lens


A few hours later we made also the first ever contacts between PA and PA on these bands over a very small distance of 1.2 km.

On 122 GHz the first PA to PA had been made before by PE1CKK and PE1JPD

At 16.10 LT we made the first PA to PA on 134 GHz in CW

At 16.16 LT we made the first PA to PA on 241 GHz in SSB


Look at the Youtube movie we made from this experiment

More information on this is available in this story Michael and I made from this experiment:

In German language

In English language

In Dutch language


QSL cards exchanged


122 GHz first PA-DL


134 GHz first PA-DL


 241 GHz first PA-DL





 134 GHz first PA-PA


241 GHz first PA-PA