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The information on this page is edited on : 23-04-17

All PI7EHG beacons are QRT

After more than 20 years of beacon keeping and 15 years of microwave beacon on top of the ATC tower at Schiphol airport all beacons are QRT


My first beacon was QRV from Eindhoven around 1980, almost on top of the tower close to the Evoluon transmitting with 1.5 Watt into an 7 dB omni antenna on 1296.875 MHz.

In 1980 I build a 10 GHz beacon when I was working at the Technical university of Eindhoven.
It was 100 mW output on 10368.025 MHz with a 23 dB horn antenna transmitting to Northwest, direction PA0EZ with call sign used PA0MS.

Some years later this was modified with an PA to 1 Watt output,
some time later it moved to Utrecht and then back to Eindhoven. As far as I know it's QRT now.

When I started living in Enschede I setup a 10 GHz beacon PA0EHG in front of my window at the 9th floor of the building where I lived.
This one was on  10368.200 MHz with 80 mW output and a 30 cm dish aiming West.

When I started my QRL at Schiphol I setup my 10 GHz beacon on top of the ATC tower first on 10 GHz.
In the years after I build new beacons for almost all microwave bands and with high output Power.

These beacons have been operational for a period of about 15 years

After having to give up the location at Schiphol ATC tower I tried to find a new location,
 but then I had to pay more than 800 Euro's just for registration of the beacons, this because
of the new Dutch rules for unmanned stations.
That was the end of my beacon keeping.

Old info

From 16-1-2008 the 10 GHz beacon is QRV from my home site

I made a special antenna mast for the beacon on the back of my garden.

Its a 9 mtr mast and the beacon antenna is at 10 mtr.

Please send me your RX report because I need to know if my QTH is usable for all the beacons

Take off is very fine in all directions so for tropo and rain scatter the location should be OK.

The beacon is inside a barn and the antenna is fed using a waveguide of 14 mtrs long giving a attenuation of only 1.4 dB

Because of the new rules for unmanned beacons in the Netherlands the beacon is remote controlled.

Further detail will follow on this page.

Details of the beacon:

Antenna Omni antenna at 10 mtr

Output power 50 W ERP

Freq last measured: 10368.180 MHz

Locator JO22HC

Please send me your RX report.

The antenna mast with beacon antenna in top

Beacon antenna mounted in PVC pipe



Old info

Beacons at Schiphol have been QRV for 15 years,
Since 18-10-2005 all beacons are QRT

See the letter from the UK microwave group, received to help in the process for keeping the beacons at Schiphol. Many thanks for the support. It did not help for keeping the beacons at Schiphol. Perhaps it helps finding a new location.

Help me to find a new location for the beacons:

I am looking for a new location for the beacons, what I need is a location preferably high above the surrounding area, more than 50 mtrs ASL. I need full approval to go to the site for maintaining and repairs if needed. For the different beacons I need to have a mounting place for the different antenna's and a place for power supplies and oscillators. The place for the antenna's should be preferably free of regions where people come because of the high microwave field strenght. I need a main power supply connection and possibilities to connect to lightning protection.
The new site should not be in use for contesting on the microwave bands because the beacons should not be switched off during a contest.

Anyone who could help me in finding a new location please contact me for furtehr information.


Old information off the beacons.

3 cm beacon upgraded to 75 W ERP from Omni antenna, frequency 10368.200 MHz

24 GHz beacon QRV from 1-3-2004 with new frequency and new setup on 24048.200 MHz

47 GHz beacon QRV from 15-7-2004 on 47088.888 MHz

9 cm beacon QRV with 9 dB more power, frequency 3400.015 MHz

New beacon on 13 cm  QRV from 28-2-2001
These are pictures of the Microwave beacons at Schiphol
ofair.gif (3647 bytes)

Please send reception reports to:     3dmail.gif (25129 bytes)

9 cm PI7SHF en 6 cm PI7EHG beacon  


Frequency's measured on 4-10-2000 by PAoEZ,

Frequency on 9 cm: 3400.0150 MHz  Frequency on 6 cm:  5760.035 MHz
Power output : 8 Watt Power output : 6 Watt
Antenna : omni with 8 dB gain Antenna : omni with 11 dB gain
EIRP : 50 Watt EIRP : 75 Watt


Dsc00050.jpg (1359006 bytes) 

new 9 cm beacon with 8 Watt output in a 8 dB omni antenna 9en6bc2.jpg (12211 bytes)  Old 6 and 9 cm beacon


3 cm PI7EHG en 1.2 cm PI7EHG beacon

10 GHz beacon upgraded, 16 dB more output power, frequency changed to 10368.200 MHz

Frequency on 3 cm: 10368.200 MHz Power output: 4.7 Watt
Antenna: omni with 12 dB gain EIRP = 75 Watt

The new 10 GHz beacon 

Large heatsink but still 
requires ventilators 
to meet the heavy  

Dsc00023.jpg (502368 bytes)


24 GHz beacon: Now QRV on new frequency 24048.200 MHz with 16 dB more output power in the omni antenna

Frequency on 1.2 cm: 24048.200 MHz, last measured on .202 (1-3-2004)
frequency stable now using an OCXO
Antenna: 24 cm dish;  267degrees (heading to G)
Power output: 0.15 Watt
EIRP = 238 Watt 
Omni antenna:
Power output: 0.8 Watt
EIRP = 16 Watt

The new 24 GHz beacon with two antenna's 
On the omni antenna is a small bag for closing the slots from dust.
On the old beacon I had PVC tape over the slots but I found
this tape to give almost  one dB loss
The antenna had to be matched for the new frequency
because VSWR on 24048 was no good

Dsc00048.jpg (1229998 bytes)

Dsc00051.jpg (1227321 bytes)

Topview from the new beacon

On the left part of the beacon a heatsink is mounted for the transformer and power supply

On the right side a heatsink is mounted with the multiplier and power amplifier on it.

The microwave parts in the beacon;

on the left you see the multiplier from
12 to 24 GHz giving 150 mW output

Than you can see the waveguide from the multiplier
with a cross coupler of 20 dB(home made)

On the right of the multiplier is the power amplifier
giving 800 mW output 

Donations for this beacon came from:
PA0WWM for a new quartz and 
PE1PFW for the power amplifier

Dsc00032.jpg (1326238 bytes)

Dsc00045.jpg (1293126 bytes)

10 and 24 GHz beacon

47 GHz beacon

After many e-mails with John, G8ACE about his fet multiplier for 47 GHz and mentioning that I wanted to use such a multiplier for a beacon for Schiphol John offered me a beacon setup on loan basis to see how the multiplier would behave.

John made me a nice system which I only had to put in a box.
The beacon is operational from 15-7-2004 on 47088.888 MHz

with 10 mW output in a 16 dB horn antenna giving 400 mW ERP.
The antenna is pointing to the location of PA3AWJ who almost

instantly heard the beacon with 56 to 57

The beacon will be changed to a own beacon by the end of the year, I hope with help of John.

Dsc_0001.jpg (2380239 bytes)

DSC00042.jpg (152289 bytes)

    Old beacons not QRV anymore; removed from site

bcn24.jpg (9386 bytes) Old 24 GHz beacon

Old 10 GHz beacon in front

 Pic00002.jpg (184153 bytes)
Pic00003.jpg (182576 bytes) Old 24 GHz beacon 2 with omni antenna and 20 mW output