47 GHz feed for my EME system


47 GHz feed for my EME system

Designed for a F/D = 0.4

Main principle: a transition from recktangular to round waveguide and a choke to equalize the E and H pattern.

The choke is made of a small part which is soldered to the main part.


 Drawing of the feed

 After the parts have been prepared they are soldered together.

 The different parts must be slightly bent outside to fit into each other.

 Take a look at the pictures to see my final result.

Round waveguide just prepared for fitting to the rectangular waveguide
Side view of the PA0EHG 47 GHz EME feed
 Front view


On 2-11-2020 I measured return loss of my feed, I needed to know if it was good enough to understand measured results from on air testing a few days before. The result was much better than I ever dared to hope for.
I use a relative simple setup and with this I can measure to -35 dB.

The result of the feed is a Return Loss of a bit better than -30 dB.