During my change of QTH from Netherlands to Germany I also moved a big fountain

Total weight of the fountain is about 1500 kg

Moving from old to new QTH

Ready for transport

different parts waiting at the new QTH to be installed

I had some difficulties in rebuilding it in my new QTH
I asked several neighbours for assistance but I needed more people than I could get
Then I tried to have a forklift truck to assist but due to obstructions we were not able to get this behind my house
until I realised I could use some Ham equipment for rebuilding

Using four antenna mast elements of 3 mtr height I was able to build myself a lifting construction on wheels to lift
and move the fountain elements from storage to the final position in my garden

Putting the foot in position

The scale close to the foot, only lift it and then move it above the foot and lower it onto the foot

Ready to lift

Putting it on the foot

Next scale

One other scale


At the start I had one wheel mounted under each mast, this proved to be too few because of the weight the construction yielded, for lifting and moving the scale onto the foot I mounted 3 wheels on each mast, in total 12 wheels and now I could lift the scale and move the whole construction on top of the foot