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In my early years as Ham I became fascinated in EME when I attended a presentation from Jan PA0SSB.
I never had a possibility for large antenna's until I moved QTH in 1995.

My first EME test was in 1998  trying to work on 23 cm

From that time on I became more interested and the Geert PA3CSG held a presentation during the VHF conference in 2000

This was my final push to get me going.
I found a 3 Meter Andrew dish which I had transported to my home
Also I found a high power TWT for 10 GHz and with this combination it was clear that my first EME band would be 3 cm or 10 GHz.


On 15 september 2001 I made my first 10 GHz EME QSO with W6DH at 14.00 UTC.
We made a very quick QSO and all was ready within 15 minutes giving an M report to W6HD and receiving RST 549.
Tay, W6HD wrote me this comment after our QSO:

GM Hans,

You have an outstanding signal! Very stable, and LOUD! Your
echoes looked like a 200 watt station to me. You were only 2
kHz high in frequency and no problem to find.

I think, perhaps you receiving side is a little weak; for most 3 meter
stations will hear me 55 or louder. To give you a calibration my moon
noise (3 meter reflector) is 1.6 dB and the sun has lately been about
15.5dB. The moon noise should be quite stable from day to day while
that of the sun will vary from 13 to 16 dB.

Thanks for a fine QSO in spite of the WX.

Pic00004.jpg (416140 bytes)

The TWT with power meter on top. On top of the power meter the IC402 driving the upconverter to 10 GHz on the left of the TWT. Right of the TWT is the laptop computer used for giving CW

Pic00003.jpg (241319 bytes)

PA0EHG making QSO
with W6HD



In this picture you get a better view on the EME dish and
the 2.5 meter dish for 23 cm

In 2008 I made my first 24 GHz EME QSO's

In 2009 I made my first 6 cm EME QSO's

After the first 24 GHz worldwide EME contacts I became interested in 24 GHz EME but did not have enough power to get things going.
After a few years I decided to give it a  try with my 10 Watt TWT which proved to be successful.

3 mtr dish

IN3HER Simple Auto tracking