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Earth Moon Earth communication is a very demanding challenging and exciting way of making contacts to other amateur radio stations all over the world.

Using the moon as a passive reflector gives the possibility to work stations all over the world. This page is aiming at EME interest for 432 MHz and above frequency's. In making EME contacts the antenna and equipment in use most have very high performance. Large antenna arrays or large dish antenna's are in use to get enough antenna gain to overcome the total loss involved in an EME contact. 

This picture gives a real presentation on the distance between the earth and the moon.
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The moon position at PA0EHG




Time at PA0EHG

I started EME on 10 GHz because I was able to get a 3 mtr Andrew dish and a TWT with high power for this band

My First EME QSO was on 15 September 2001 working W6HD

More information on the equipment and my dish



5.760 GHz EME

3 mtr dish

Auto tracking

On 15 August 2009 I made my first 5760 MHz EME QSO

10.368 GHz EME

On 15 September 2001 I made my first 10368 MHz EME QSO with W6HD

24.048 GHz EME

On 6 April 2008 I made my first 24 GHz EME QSO's

Worked OK1KIR 9-6-2011 on 24 GHz EME
for the first PA-OK and #6 on 24 GHz

Worked on EME              

5.760 GHz

10.368 GHz

24.048 GHz

19 initial contacts
30 QSO's
More QSO's on 6cm EME during the DUBUS contest April 2010 and on 16 may 2010
Audio recordings from:
OE9ERC                                          OK1KIR
20 initial contacts
37 QSO's
4 SSB random contacts

Audio recordings from: 


6 initial contacts
7 QSO's


Audio recordings from:



The story of my first 24 GHz EME QSO as published in Electron in Dutch language

The first ever 24 GHz EME QSO by W5LUA and VE4MA


My EME station Updated 8-3-2002  
RX optimization   Updated 19-3-2002 with latest measurements and new link on moon noise
What's different on 10 GHz EME  
EME Operation procedures
EME Operations by G3SEK 
24 GHz EME between W5LUA and VE4MA Updated 19-3-2002 added a link with photo's from W5LUA and VE4MA
Information on how I am using the IN3HER antenna control 


EME performance table's

6 cm EME stations performance and photo's

 9 cm EME stations performance table

 24 GHz EME stations performance and photo's
(update 31 December 2010)

10 GHz EME stations performance




Below you can find many links to other site's giving lots of info on EME.

Links checked: 21 January 2016



EME newsletters



VK3UM with great software tools


ON0EME moon beacon 23 cm

DL0SHF moon beacon 3 cm

W3SZ 10 GHz EME page

Eimac moonbounce notes by KA9Q



Moonbounce stations from Netherlands



EME conference 2016 in Venice







DF6NA - The VHF and EME-Page


DSP Filter Interchange for Weak Signal Communication

EME System with Tracking Program by F1EHN.

EME-SETI-Weak Signal page

KB2AH's 1296 MHz EME Page

EME site from K2AH

OE5JFL EME on 144,432,1296


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