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At this moment (August 2011) we have 10 cats and a dog

This is our dog Rexy,

We adopted him when he was 10 years old

We are very proud that he lived with us up to his very old ages off 14 years and 6 months.

We were very happy with Rex and we enjoyed him being a good friend.

He sometimes had serious illnesses. We gave him the chance to recover many times but at last he was very old and it was obvious the last few weeks that he was at his end.

born : 6-1-1999

passed: 15-7-2013

After Rex passing away we first wanted to wait a bit but after 2 weeks we already decided to go for an new dog

After some search we found Laika a Sheppard 3 years old in the pond of Almelo

This is Laika

Laika lives with us since august 2013.

He is a difficult dog, we are his 4th owner and he has been the most part of his life in the pond. We come along well, he is a bit difficult during walking when cars or bicycles approach. We have to be very careful that we keep him away from cars or bicycles.

In our house he is a very friendly loving dog, who loves to play and get our attention.
We love having him and giving him a chance to live his live in a home situation and not in the pond. 

We have a lot of Cats, at this moment (march 2016) 10 in total.
You understand that we love our pets very much. Sometimes its a lot of work but we don
't want to miss them.

Our first Cat was Poekie, we had this wonderful cat in 1983 until 1990

Artist impression of Poekie

This is a drawing my wife made of Poekie


When Poekie died we got ourselves a new cat at the asylum, Lady at the age of 3 years. We were very fortunate to have her and take care of her until she became very old and weak.
She died when she was 20 years old.


This is Lady

We adopted her at age of 3, we had her pleasure for 17 years.

Lady was a nice and loving cat. She loved to go outside but only when she was lined.

She died when she was 20 years old. She became weaker and weaker until she could not stand on her feet anymore.
We wanted a natural death for her but at the end we could not bear seeing her suffering of her very old age and decided to help her with this struggle.

In memoriam: Lady

After a few years we had a cat around our house. We called him: Flipje


Flipje wandered around our house for a few years.
He also had a home with us and could go outside whenever he liked.
Unfortunately he was wounded by someone shooting at him.
After recovery from this wound we did allow him outside, we should better not have allowed this because we never seen him again.

We searched for at least two months but he was vanished.
During the search we found a similar cat in the asylum and we decided to adopt this cat Japie.



Japie was adopted by us during the search for Flipje, we decided that he could not walk free outside but should remain inside and we built a cat home outside. He can go outside when he wants but cannot walk away.

In 2004 Japie got a stroke but recovered well from this. In the years after he had more health problems and in 2007 he became worse. When we decided to let him euthanize we went to the vet but during the drive he got a heart stroke and died before we arrived at the vet.

In memoriam : Japie



Friekje was adopted at the same time when we adopted Japie to keep him company.

Friekje became renal failure in 2008 but with special diet and extra additives she kept fine until 2011. Then the renal failure became much worse and we had to let her go.

In memoriam : Friekje




We got Moore from the pond when we also went for Mistie.

Moor was a very loving cat who always loved to share her basket with the other cats

Moor suffered from renal failure and we had to let her go.

She was 16 years old when we lost her.



Mistie, a special cat with only one eye.

When Mistie came living with us he was afraid of unknown things and gave a claw when we wanted to coddle him.
After a while we found that he likes to be kissed on his head and after that his behaviour changed. He became much more friendly and we had a special bond with him.

After a few years he suffered from renal failure and we had to let him go.

In memoriam: Mistie



This is Blacky, he wandered around our house for a long period. During a strong winter with temperatures of -13 degrees he was still outside so we started giving him a small box and after a while he came living with us.

Later we found that he belonged to a neighbour a few houses away, they called him Sjimmie. They suggested to let Sjimmie decide were to stay. After two weeks it was obvious that he wanted to stay with us.

He passed away after a short illness.



Milky is a stray cat wandering around our house for some time. We started feeding him after a while and he was a more regular visitor.
His looks were not very fine, with many small wounds on his head.

After some time he ran into our home being afraid, perhaps for an other cat. Since then Milky lives with us in our house.

Milky suffered from problems in his urine ways. After some years this became worse and he got seriously ill. The doctor was not able to find to problem. After some time we went to a another doctor for second opinion and this one found a very big stone in his urine blather. The stone was removed in a surgery, but a few days later Milky had severe problems in recovering and we had to decide to let him go to sleep.

Milky died on 14 august 2015

Artist impression by my wife


Kid & Milou

Kid was living in the asylum together with Milou when my wife was on internship.
He was seized at his previous owner who did not take care of him and Milou.

He was a very small cat, almost 6 months old and afraid of human.

We take care for Kid and Milou who changed to nice cats who like to be coddled

They still live with us





Roos was a stray cat most probably dumped with us and loud crying for help. She was estimated to be almost 4 months when she was left at our place. We decided to help her and give her a home with us. She still lives with us.



Droppie was wandering our house during the summer of 2010 for a week. During our first holiday week I walked with our dog Rexy when I saw him laying in the grass not giving any reaction on me and Rexy. When I went to him he kept laying in the grass without moving. I went inside to take Rexy home and came back together with my wife and he still was not reacting to our presence. We offered him some food which he liked and needed very much. We took him inside and gave him food and a place to sleep. After some hours he became wealthy again and since then he lives with us.


Snoesje & Polleke

Polleke, in the front was visiting us since 2009 and during the winter 2009 to 2010 she was living with us. At spring 2010 he decided it was time to leave and he smashed the roof and left. From that time on he visited us for something to eat. During the early winter of 2010 he again came living with us after he ran into our house when we opened the door. Since the he lives together with Snoesje in our serre.


Snoesje, wandered around our house since summer 2010 and she stayed in our greenhouse. When winter arrived it became very cold for her. When Polleke decided to come in we also decided that it was better for Snoesje to come in and live together with Polleke.

After the winter both decided to stay with us and they still live happy in our serre.

After she had surgery in 2013 for cancer she recovered well but in 2014 the cancer was spread and we had to let her go.







This is Lucky

 She owns her name due to the fact that I rescued her out of the ditch were she almost drowned.

 I rescued here at age of 12 weeks, she is our first kitten


We had a wonderful cat with Lucky but unfortunately she died from something we don't understand. We were not at home and after returning we found her dead. This was a very bad day for us because on that same day we were at the hospital were we found that my mother was beyond recovery for cancer.

Lucky was our first kitten, we saved her life from drowning. Unfortunately she died way too young, most probably due to a hart attack.


In 2013 we had the pleasure of getting a nest from Nikki a cat who joined us end 2012. At that time it was not visible that she was pregnant but early 2013 it showed that she would become a mother.

We supported Nikki with a nice place to get enough rest and a place to get here kittens.

In return she allowed us to be present during birth which took about 5 hours.

She gave birth to 5 kittens all healthy and looking fine

3 girls and two boys: Rimmel, Felix, Pieppie, Jumpie and Lookie


Before Nikki gave birth we did read about this and we were told that after birth the kittens should be marked because otherwise one could not recognise the kittens. This could be done using nail polish. We did buy nail polish from Rimmel and that's how we came to the name of our first kitten.

At the time we have had these kittens our total cat population was 17 cats, that was a bit too much, Hi.
We decided to keep Rimmel and Felix, both cats below.

Rimmel just born




Proud mother of 5 kittens Nikki  

5 kittens