new 13 cm beacon


Updated on:16 november, 2016

The 13 cm beacon is QRV from 28-2-2001 and measured at   2320.999 MHz.

Output 1.5 Watt into a 8 elements slotted waveguide antenna giving
10 Watt ERP. Antenna position is 92 meters above ground on top of the
Air Traffic Control tower of Schiphol airport.


Pic00007.jpg (210207 bytes) Foto impression of the
13 cm beacon.

At this moment it is mounted
on a temporary place.
When the 6 cm beacon will
be back it will move to a better
place with less obstructions

Pic00012.jpg (188910 bytes)

The beacon is constructed with help of :
PE1CKK for the antenna and LO
PE0PJV for the power amplifier
PE1BTV for the CW keyer
PA2RHB who programmed the e-prom for the keyer.