New antenna ?


Working on my new antenna for use on 23 cm EME

The gearbox for azimuth control has arrived

Dsc00042.jpg (1352065 bytes)

Antenna will be a 6.4 mtr mesh dish

The ribs for the dish arrived as well.

On 15-10-2004 I went to DF6NA to get the
parts for the dish; 1200 km drive.

Dsc00007.jpg (1412454 bytes) The central part of the dish

Ribs for the dish

Dsc00008.jpg (1452991 bytes)
Dsc00013.jpg (1456894 bytes) 36 ribs for the whole dish

W2IMU horn for 23 cm  

Dsc00017.jpg (1333775 bytes)



On (22-8-2002) I bought 6200 mtrē of land behind my house,
so now I have enough place for building up this antenna.


One more antenna a 3.7 mtr offset dish

transport from this antenna