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This is the page of the Dutch Microwave activity group. The group is promoting microwave activity especially on 24 GHz and higher frequency's.

At this moment the group is working on the 24 GHz and higher Ysselmeer contest in 2000 . The Group also publishes articles on related topics for building 24 GHz and higher equipment.

See the article on the 10/24 GHz combined dish feeder from PAoJGF.

See the article on making 4 Watt on 24 GHz with a 18 GHz TWT.

See the article on Humidity loss on 24 GHz .

See the article on the 24 GHz feeder for an offset satellite tv dish.

If you have information which can be added to this home page please contact PAoEHG.


Microwave Activity Group MembersNETHERLANDS.GIF (7477 bytes)

Name Callsign E-mail adress
Harke Smits PAoHRK
Hans v Alphen PAoEHG
Jan Frankot PAoJGF
Arie Dogterom PAoEZ
John Lamboo PE1JBK
Ron Schiltmans PA3BPC
Gerard Geesink PAoBAT
Theo Leliveld PA3AWJ
Hans Veerman PA3AGS
Ruud Boeree PE1BTV
Eene de Weerd PA3CEG
Catherinus Heida PE1AEO
Adriaan Hulzinga PE1CQQ
Jaap Last PAoPLA
J v d Berg PAoJBB
Wim Munniks PAoWWM
Hans Holsink PE1CKK
Rob Kool PA3BVO
Frank Postmus PA3DIJ
Hans Crijns PE1PKP
Bas de Jong PE1JPD