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The third Ysselmeercontest from saturday 13 mei.

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The contest was a great succes as far as I understand from the different
participants. This year also for the first time enough QSO's for the 47
GHz section (4 stations QRV which all made QSO's) . The weather was very
good but some of the stations were very unlucky with their location with
respect to musquito's. When I visited PA/DK2MN/p his location was black
of the large amount of mosquito's which was not very pleasant.

In the contest also about twelve different home stations participated

to stimulate activity which gave some of the portable stations a very
good best dx.

Some of the participants already signed up for the contest next year for
which I hope that even more stations will be on 47 GHz. Also the first
QSO on 76 Ghz in PA still has to be made. A test between PA0JGF/p and
PA0EHG/p in this contest failed.

So lets set a goal to more stations on 47 GHz and the first QSO's on 76 GHz for the next year's contest.
Thanks to all stations for participating in this event. Special thanks
also for the stations from Belgium and Germany for their long travel and
sure we hope you will all be QRV during the next Ysselmeercontest in
2001. As soon as the date for 2001 is set, I will inform you all by
e-mail or via my website.

73 Hans PA0EHG.

Take a look at the foto impression of the Ysselmeercontest 2000

These are the result's:

10 GHz.

Nr Call QSO's total QRB ODX
1 PA/ON1BPS/p 18 1226 km G3LQR 270 km
2 PA3GLB/p 13 1045 km G0KPW 305 km
3 PA0JGF/P 15 981 km PA0BAT 143 km
4 PA0HRK/p 14 901 km PA3DYS 150 km
5 PA/DK2MN/P 14 872 km G3LQR 270 km
6 PA3CEG/p 16 855 km PA0BAT 119 km
7 PA/ON1DRT/p 11 537 km PI4ZLD 165 km
8 PA/ON4CDU/p 11 452 km PA0WWM 87 km
8 PA/ON4FG/p 13 452 km PA0WWM 87 km
9 PA0EHG/p 10 442 km PA0BAT 133 km

At location JO22SO were QRV : ON4CDU, ON1DRT, ON4FG, ON4AWV, ON4CDQ   
At location of PA3CEG were QRV: PA3CEG, PA0PLA, PE1CQQ

24 GHz.

Nr Call QSO's total QRB ODX
1 PA/ON1BPS/p 9 427 km PA3AWJ 91 km
2 PA3CEG/p 9 352 km PA3AWJ 119 km
3 PA/DK2MN/p 8 347 km PA3AWJ 98 km
4 PA0HRK/p 7 274 km PA0EZ 85 km
5 PA0JGF/p 7 273 km PA0EZ 88 km
6 PA0EHG/p 8 253 km PA0EZ 70 km
7 PA/ON1DRT/p 6 197 km PA0JGF/p 51 km
8 PA0PLA/p 3 48   km PA0JGF/p 25 km


47 GHz.

Nr Call QSO's total QRB ODX
1 PA0HRK/p 3 57 km PA/DK2MN/p 35 km
2 PA/DK2MN/p 1 35 km PA0HRK/p 35 km
3 PA0EHG/p 2 34 km PA0JGF/p 19 km
4 PA0JGF/p 2 26 km PA0EHG/p 19 km


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The contest locations  from 2000


Contest rules :

Stations participating must be /P without connection to mains supply,
home stations can make contacts but cannot win in this contest.

Each station can be worked once on each band

Each band where more than 2 QSO's are made contribute to the score

Time for the contest : 11.00 until 16.00 hrs local time

Bands: 10 GHz , 24 GHz and higher frequency's,
talkback frequency suggested on 432.350 MHz or on 10 GHz.

Exchange: Callsign, RST and locator, in the log also the time and distance most be added, logs should be sent to PA0EHG before 20 may.

Winners; Each band has a winner; and one all band winner for the whole contest.

Points are calculated by: total QRB on each band

Prize's will be rewarded at the VHF-UHF-SHF meeting at 20 may.


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