DK2SC Jamming

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Since a few months we encountere interference from DK2SC
 making QSO's on the frequency of the signal from PA0RYL

In march PA0RYL contacted DK2SC by mail explaining our experiment and about
the measurements we do and kindly requested DK2SC to QSY a few kHz

This stubern old man refused to QSY and since the mail he increased his activity on the 3.555 MHz
 a lot causing much interference on the measurements
In his reply mail he wrote that he always first checkes a frequency before using it but in practice he is not
and even worse while looking in the cluster I found a long history of DK2SC jamming since already 2012
I made a copy of this which you can see for yourself

DK2SC has been contacted by some more amateurs to kindly ask him to stop this interference
 but now after almost 3 months he is still continuing

On 28 of march 2019 I contacted the Bundesnetzagentur with a formal complaint against DK2SC, no reaction as result.
On 4-4 I agian contacted the indesnetzagentur but again no reply
On 30-4-2019 I again mailed a complaint about DK2SC with a long list of times that DK2SC interfered the measurements, this time I got a reply that the Bundesnetzagentur was working on it and that they were monitoring the frequency.

Now end of May 2019 I think it's time to find support from other amateurs who do not like the way DK2SC is behaviong and interfering in a very interesting experiment and deliberatly jamming our measurments.

You can support this by signing the petition which I made for this,
It can be found at:

I also contacted the regional DARC representative to ask him if he could try and talk to DK2SC and perhaps bring DK2SC to reason:
His reply was in German; see below, translated in English is:
We are aware of the problems that DK2SC makes almost every day. Unfortunatly we cannot help. Hartmut himself cannot be adressed on this subject. As we wanted to discuss this with him he did not want to reply or talk about it.
He is not participating in our group and we do not know him that well.
Unfortunatly we cannot solve this problem

wir kennen die Probleme, die DK2SC nahezu täglich verursacht. Leider können wir hier nicht helfen. Hartmut selbst ist in dieser Angelegenheit nicht ansprechbar. Als wir das Thema einmal mit ihm besprechen wollten, wollte er sich nicht damit auseinandersetzen. Da er nicht am Vereinsleben teilnimmt, kennen wir ihn leider auch nicht so gut. Wir können die Situation leider nicht bereinigen. 

I also found a discussion on a forum about DK2SC, read for yourself if you want to: ftopic21615.html


I hope you would like to support me in trying to solve this interference and sign the petition for this
Please go to:


Interference in my measurments caused by DK2SC just some examples


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