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Report on the second Ysselmeercontest held on saturday 29 mei.

The contest around the beautiful Ysselmeer was blessed with wunderfull weather, nice sunshine and very little wind. Some participants got them self a big sun-burn because of the wunderfull weather.
At 9 different sites arround the Ysselmeer microwave stations were active. This year we had two participants coming from Belgium but unfortunately no participants from Germany.

The contest was also announced for home stations but these could not win the contest. The home stations participating gave some extra chance to work longer distances which was succesfull. As far as my information is at this moment several stations worked with G3LQR and G4DDK and some with extreme strong signals on 10 GHz. Test on 24 GHz although did not succeed to the UK.

Nice contacts on 24 GHz where made with as far as known best contact between PA3CEG and PA3AWJ over 119 km.
On 47 GHz one contact was made between PAoJGF and PAoHRK. The test between PAoEHG and PAoHRK over 47 km failed.

The following amateurs have participated in the Ysselmeercontest:

Callsign QRV on 432.350 MHz QRV on 10.368 MHz QRV on 24.192 MHz QRV on 47.088 MHz QRV on 76.232 MHz
PAoHRK yes yes yes yes  
PAoEHG yes yes yes yes yes
PE1JBK+PE1FOT+PA3BVO yes yes yes    
PA3CEG yes yes yes    
PAoJGF yes yes yes yes  
PE1BTV+PA3AGS yes yes yes    
ON1BPS yes yes yes    
ON7YK yes yes yes    



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Results 10 GHz:

1 ON1BPS 14 QSO's 1043 km
2 PAoJGF 8 QSO's 923 km
3 PA3CEG 8 QSO's 506 km
4 ON7YK 7 QSO's 328 km
5 PE1BTV 6 QSO's 310 km
6 PAoEHG 6 QSO's 243 km
7 PAoHRK 3 QSO's 129 km

Checklog van PAoPLY
Results 24 GHz:

1 PA3CEG 7 QSO's 330 km
2 PE1JBK 8 QSO's 319 km
3 ON1BPS 8 QSO's 298 km
4 PE1BTV 5 QSO's 284 km
5 PAoHRK 6 QSO's 269 km
6 PAoJGF 5 QSO's 242 km
7 PAoEHG 5 QSO's 203 km
8 ON7YK 4 QSO's 144 km

47 GHz: 1 QSO between PAoJGF and PAoHRK over 7 km. Because the contestrules were that only with minimum of 3 logs there is a winner we don't have a winner this year.

Take a look at the foto impression off previous contest's